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Open Memory 19.  1977  

Open Memory 19. 1977

Twister 1972. 

  Twister 1972

Junk Yacht  Boleh 1949 . 


Cambria 1906. Thames Sailing Barge. The Last Mate.

Cambria 1906

MCB Wins OGA Picture of Year 2107

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1969 SCOD, 

SCOD 1969


Aortic dissection sailor could die at helm

Miracle Man

Lone Wolf 26ft cutter 1905 

26ft Cutter Lone Wolf 1905

 Gwenili. 38ft Gaff Rigged Yawl. For Sale 

Boats for Sale

Betty II Returns to Leigh on Sea  at last.

Homeward Bound Part 3

Contessa 26 1978.  Thousand Knights III

Contessa 26  1978  

Heard 28 

Click now   Heard 28

1959 24ft  Purbrook Heron for sale £5000 

Solid tight boat, needs cosmetic work, paint and varnish.  A sensible project for the right person. Full details and video coming soon. (pix above 4 years old) Boats for Sale


Cape Henry 21 designed by Dudley Dix.

 Built by old gaffer Brian Johnson. NEW & EXCLUSIVE  

Cape Henry 21

The man who took 37 years to build his boat.

Exclusive video.  Plus at last we go sailing with Bill

  Part 2 Wild Duck.Maiden Sail

 Bill Probert a man who never gave up on his dream.  Wild Duck 1949

 Secrets of a 1922 Itchen Ferry Itchen Ferry 1922

 Harry Horne's video Trailer Sailer Failure

Exclusive videos from the OGA festival   Spin Around the Harbour

1930 West Solent One Video . OUT SOON





Racing on Suhaili with Sir Robin Know-Johnston

Photo Bob Aylott copyright    

  Sir Robin Knox-Johnston


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