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Luke Bros 30ft Gaff Yawl 1911    or click on image above     Please mention when replying  

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Camper and Nicholson 35ft Sloop 1966 

Shilling 17 gaff cutter  2008

Maurice Griffiths Waterwitch 1960  (below)


  Cornish Shrimper 21   2016

  Fife sloop 33ft 1952

Lively Lady Fred Shepherd 36ft ketch 1948

   Gaff rigged yawl 38ft 1910

 Bowman 26 1970

 Windfall 30sq m 1936      

Peter Duck 1945

        Manx Nobby circa 1910  (below)

Scottish Trawler 55ft 1933

  1980 Westerly Griffon 26

 Fisher-Freeward 25 1973  and below  West Solent 1930

Above  Seamaster Sailer 23  1972     Below   Myfanwy 1897

                                                                                                            Peggy Bawn 36ft 1894                                                      Cape Henry 21



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